Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Get to Know The Types Of Free Moving Quotes And Estimates

If you are preparing to hire a mover to relocate from one place to other, it is necessary you consider the types of moving quotes or citations given by service providers well in advance.

If you are planning to pick a mover to relocate from one place to other, it is necessary you consider the types of moving quotes or citations from a moving company. The quotes not only help in better negotiation but also keep you well informed about the spam movers. The quoted price for the move is fixed based on the weight of the items and the distance to be traversed. The free moving estimate available online are segmented into three different types.

Getting Moving Quotes

There are quite a good number of sources from where you can find good moving quotes. The moving companies can give you the estimate right over the phone or by mail or by meeting you personally. This will help you know about the company's customer service. Mind you if you find it tough to talk with the people of the moving company, then you can visit their website for getting a free quote.

Know about the types of Moving quotes

The types of the estimates include non-binding estimate, Binding and binding-not to exceed estimate. Let's have a more detailed read on this:

Non-bonding estimate- Such moving quotes are prepared once a mover goes through a thorough evaluation of the moving items. Here the mover provides you with the estimated or approximated cost. Although the mover will offer you the best possible deal, but still it won't be able to provide you the definite cost of the move, until and unless everything gets weighed on the moving day. There is always a kind of uncertainty in such quotes as they may end up charging you more in later stage.

Binding estimate- The binding quotes, as the name indicates bind the company to the price set forth in the binding agreement. The mover closely evaluates the moving items and gives a fair estimate of the move. The good thing about such quotes is that they are concrete and the cost of the move will not increase. On top of that, the company cannot put on extra charges after the completion of move. Remember, it is always better to choose a company that comes up with higher binding estimates in relation to those that offer low non-binding citations.

Binding not-to-exceed- This moving quote seems undoubtedly the best option. With such estimate, the costs of moving will never exceed the estimated price quote. What is so good about it is that if the sum total of the weight of the shipment is lower than what is estimated, the total price automatically gets adjusted by the mover.

Using Your Quotes

Once you get in touch with different moving companies, you can make good use of such quotes. A closer look at the quotes will help you get an apt moving company or service provider. So get all the three types of free moving quotes in hand from the service provider and ask the potential movers about what types of service they are going to offer. Simply put, the quotes will not only help you get good mover but also help you make a budget move.

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