Monday, January 23, 2012

Compare Moving Company Costs Before A Move

If your are planning a move, sometime in the near future, it might be wise to compare moving company costs and rates. There are many good reasons for doing a price checks on the movers.

What a Moving Company Offers

  • Quicker transit time. The movers will have a record of their standard delivery length, which it takes their workers to deliver.
  • Having more moving options. With many companies, you are allowed to customize your move, in order to meet your needs.
  • Reliable customer service. Some companies are known to have more experienced and courteous movers. Also, there are companies that have impressive services, using a single point of contact to handle you business with them
  • Better insurance, in case of any incident which might occur.
  • Reasonable pricing

Picking the Right Movers

It is important to research the different moving company rates and compare their prices. However, be sure that you are not giving up quality for a lower price.

  • Check their safety records. This is also important when choosing a mover, because cheaper doesn’t always give you safest.

Remember, picking the right mover for your move is a very important task.

Compare the Prices of Moving Companies

It isn’t always just the price that is quoted, but also what you are receiving for the money.  Prices may vary based on space which your belongs utilize in the moving van.

  • Hourly charges. There are some companies which, not only charge for the load, but also charge an hourly wage for the time which the drivers are on the job.

Look for the mover which gives you the most value for your dollar.

Moving Company Rates

Now that you have checked out all the requirements for the move, check out the moving company costs, and have all the facts, it is time for you to make your list for the features, which each company offers. Compare them side by side, check background of the company, and make a decision on which one will suit your options the best. Such as; one listing up to 14 days to deliver, might be the first marked off the list, because it does not take that long for a trip across country. Remember, they could be charging hourly rates which will sky rocket your cost. Then think about their availability.

If they seem to have a hard time scheduling you in, they might not have a sufficient number of employees, which could result in over worked movers. Next, compare the insurance they offer for coverage. Whether it is a full value or a percentage. You might want to exclude that company, because if an incident happens, you may not be compensated for all of your lose.

Now that you have made your list, mark off the ones that do not meet your needs, it is time for the final choice. Look at the ones you have left. If your not sure because they both offer around the same deal, than call them for a little information and see which one seems the most courteous. Now you have compared moving company rates. It is time to make your choice. Great! You are off to a good start on your move.


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