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Cheapest Furniture Movers: Best Ways to Move Furniture Across the Country

Trans-location of business, transfer in government jobs or assignment to higher post by the company and so on, there are several situations when moving your entire household becomes inevitable. While this itself is quite stressful mentally as well as financially, moving with furniture makes it all the more difficult. This is due to the following:
  • Relative to other household items, furniture has more volume and less weight. Moving company’s charge you by the cubic footage and not weight and the operation becomes expensive
  • Most of the furniture has fragile elements such as legs, cross pieces, glass panels and ornamental base which makes their stacking one on top of another difficult.
  • There may not be adequate space in your home for professional packing for long haulage and intermediate storage before the items can be lifted to the movers’ transport. This may necessitate hiring of intermediate storage during the packing.
  • Depending on the weather at your current location, final destination as well as weather en-route, deep protective covering during packing may be needed. 
  • Some heavy articles of furniture may need pelletizing before move. This will safeguard against handling damages during loading and unloading.
  • Some items such as glass paneled bureaus or crockery cases may need crating, adding to the cost.
  • Examine if your furniture is ‘collapsible’ i.e., if they can be taken apart here, packed and reassembled there. If so pelletizing and crating may be avoided.

Cheapest & Most Cost Effective Ways to Move Furniture

It is quite possible that when all the costs above get superimposed on the cost of transporting and transit insurance, economics may suggest selling some the pieces and purchasing newer ones at the new location. Many people simply want the cheapest furniture movers available, and that is very understandable in this rough economy. Of course there may be factors other than finance such as items with sentimental value attached, family heirlooms or something you and Helen toiled to purchase immediately after marriage! These are all exceptions and must be carried with you.  Once you are clear what all you need to carry, try to explore the following:
  • Do we need to purchase packing materials such as bubble wraps, padding and cartons or can we get it from some friends who just moved in and want to just dispose off such stuff?
  • Materials of this nature are at time available for FREE from certain agencies and from recycling depots.
  • Can we use some of the clothing, bed sheets, carpets, rugs etc for padding instead of their getting packed separately in cartons?
  • How much is the total volume and can we use a rented truck or trailer? If not do you need a moving company?
  • If you are going to attend to the packing, along with hired help, may be there are items such as duct tape, polythene sheets etc on sale. Explore this possibility.

If after all the options above, you need the cheapest furniture movers in your area, examine what all services comprise of their offer, before quotes from different firms can be compared. It may not always be prudent to depend on telephone books or internet as they highlight only those companies which have paid for this service and not due to their credentials. Check out he credentials by interacting with national associations, enquire from friends, and get references from colleagues, study their reputation and ratings etc. before a deal is struck. There are movers who specialize in furniture and other fragile articles, who may execute the move in a more professional manner, but is the cost worth it? Sharing cargo space with other people’s article will cut down the cost, since you pay for a fixed linear or cubic footage instead of the whole truck. Shipping as ‘freight’ gets a lower tariff rate, but before you accept this option, be sure your packing is adequate to take the handling and loading/unloading methods used by truck operators for freight.


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  4. I always had this idea that if I’ll get a new house everything in it will be on top like furniture and stuff to avoid moving the old stuff that I have to a new home or vice versa. But after what I’ve learn on what this article had shared I’m surprise to know that there is always other option that I must reconsider… Cheers!

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  7. Some heavy articles of furniture may need pelletizing before move. This will safeguard against handling damages during loading and unloading. furniture movers

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