Monday, May 23, 2011

Moving Companies in USA

Dallas  Moving Companies

The moving companies in USA are not only seen catering to the varied moving demands of customers but also contributing to the American economy thereby generating an annual business of $16.5 billion or even more.

The moving industry in United States is a wonderful assortment of many small to large sized movers and packers. Due to rising moving demands of local people, this industry is going through an expansion. There are nearly about 8100 different moving companies in USA which are now operating in 17,000 city or state locations and bringing a business worth $16.5 billion to the USA moving industry every year. The movers in USA are not just catering to the local and short distance moving demands of people across America but also offering jobs to more than 122,600 moving personnel. These moving firms include everyone from local moving agents, individual carriers and forwarders to international movers, packers and van lines. Based on their city location, they are better known as Dallas movers, Austin moving companies, Houston moving companies and so on.

Different Types Of Moving Companies In USA

A normal American goes for twice the number of residential moves that usually take place in other countries like Europe and Japan. The USA movers in different form and size play a crucial role offering best transportation and storage services for commercial and domestic products in a faster economy where people make quick decision to move to new homes and jobs. These moving companies can be taken as a network or collection of

• Local moving agents which are full-service moving and packing agencies functioning in different geographical locations in tandem with national movers.
• Local or regional moving firms involved in interstate and intrastate transportation without any assistance from national movers.
• Individual contractors owning or running a series of moving vehicles like tractors, trucks and trailers.
• National moving and storage companies who are otherwise known as van lines.

The USA based moving companies don’t have the same manpower as about half of them are operating with only 5 moving personnel and only 10% of the movers have workforce as high as 100.

Area Of Specialization Of Moving Companies In USA

Whether you are hiring Dallas movers or any other movers, their main job would be to help you move properly with your commercial or domestic goods within desirable time period. Though they operate throughout the year but remain busy during summer season to meet the relocation needs of American people. The area of specialization of movers in USA varies according to customer’s requirement. However it can be summarized as follows:

• A comprehensive moving service which is targeted to take away the moving responsibility of customers including packing and loading of moving stuff, transporting them in a damage free manner, unloading the materials at the specified location and assemble them if necessary.
• Fully exclusive moving facility which enables the clients to get moved by the hired mover in a hassle free manner. However other moving related jobs like packing and unpacking of moving items is done either by client or his/her friends and relatives.
• Packing service specialists who are entitled with the packing of customer’s belongings and the rest of the moving are managed by the customer.
• Giving away moving vehicles like trucks and tractors on rent or lease. Here, the clients can ask the movers for moving trucks and loading to driving them to the new location are all done by the customers.

Benefits of USA movers

Almost all moving companies are expert in transporting delicate items. They can professionally handle long distance, short distance and local moves and give the additional facility of storage and shipping services for the same moving price. They are truly useful in relocation of special items like Piano which need extra care. As far as commercial moves are concerned, moving firms in USA go beyond their normal roles and ensure customers full satisfaction.