Tuesday, January 23, 2007

USA Movers

USA Moving & Storage:-USA Moving & Storage is a licensed professional moving company specializing in residential moving services. As a professional furniture mover, we pride ourselves in taking a personal interest in our customers. We do not work for realtors, real estate brokers, banks a mortgage company or lenders as many companies do nowadays.USA Relocation is a national company that uses its own moving trucks. Our door to door service can be arranged either direct or consolidated. As a home moving service, no move is too small or too large for us. Our relocation service is affordable and highly competitive. Local moves can be last minute reserved a year in advanced. When seeking information about moving companies it is important to know that USA movers can move the contents of your house as well as your apartment. Moving expenses are kept at a minimal by providing packing suggestions prior to your relocation.

Would My Items Get Mixed up with other shipments.

Usually not,

Typically, if you are moving cross country and your shipment is relatively small
around 200-500 cubic feet or even much bigger your items will be transported
with other shipments... a large trailer holds about 3,700 to about 4,000 cubic
feet. So, unless you are moving a 6 bedroom home your items will always be
transported with other shipments this is true for long distances. For short
distances moving
will usually use a 24' - 28' truck and they will carry smaller
shipment without utilizing the whole truck if they must. You can always request
an exclusive right for a truck, but I will discuss this some other time.

Anyway to answer the question, every shipment has a unique lot number. When the
movers get to you house they will have an inventory sheet where the foreman will
write the description and the condition of each items with a corresponding
number. A sticker with the item number will be attached to each item. When the
movers unload the items it is a good idea for you the customer to have a copy of
the inventory sheet so you can also cross off the items as they come in .



Packing Your Dishes with a China Box aka Dish Barrel

The "China box" I mean the one that you buy at your local moving supply store like, uhaul, mailbox etc.. etc..is a great box it is about 2.5 times thicker than your typical book, or linen box.

Here is the best way to do it.
First forget about buble wrap, it's not realy going to help you here. Just use white paper or news paper if you are on a budget.
Make sure you do not have any two item touching and that everything is "floating" in a nice way and distributed evenly.

Now this is important Overflow the box with paper and then apply some force to seal the box. You are done


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Choosing your moving company

I have been working in the moving industry for over 15 years.

I worked for the major van lines , independent movers and also for some
moving brokers as a sales representative.  If I had to advise a person on
how to choose a moving company I would recommend the following tips before
choosing between

moving companies

1. Always check the
BBB report of a moving company.

2. If your estimate is given over the phone or online, make sure that all
the items that you are planning to transport are on the list, don't forget
your bike and your workout equipment, pictures etc...

3. Overestimate just in case, especially if you are dealing with moving
broker since they will reserve space for your shipment according to your

Friday, January 19, 2007

Movers In Worldwide

Good Housekeeping Seal:-Consumers have relied on the assurances of the Good Housekeeping Seal since 1900. Behind the prestige of the Seal is a staff of highly trained experts who continually review products and advertisements in Good Housekeeping magazine. The Good Housekeeping Institute has great pride in the integrity of its Seal, and the companies that carry it fully understand the weight implied by its designation. Each year since 1964, Wheaton World Wide Moving has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal for interstate moving. With customer satisfaction ratings perpetually at 95 percent or higher, the industry’s most qualified drivers, and Wheaton’s state-of-the-art tracking and communication systems, you can rest assured Wheaton will uphold the Seal’s standards for service. Trust your belongings and memories to this Good Housekeeping Seal holder. Trust Wheaton to move your life.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Atlanta Moving Companies

Guys like in any major city it wouldn't be very difficult to find a moving company. On many sites you would see company reviews that might give you some idea, but i just wanted you to be aware of the fact that those can be manipulated.
I thing the best way to go is to fill out one of those free moving quote forms.
I have gathered a few for you here that will take your directly to the atlanta page, just make sure you go only on one site and fill out the info... you do not want to receive too many phone calls:

Atlanta Movers: Let Movers Compete Onlie Qutoes
Movers in Atlanta : Online Moving Quotes
Atlanta moving companies: One form -> Five Quotes
Atlanta Movers: Fill out one form and let moving companies in Atlanta Compete

Finding an Atlanta Moving Company and the right moving service in Atlanta for your move can sometimes be difficult. This site discusses the best ways to find Atlanta Movers. You should choose the moving service according to your needs and your budget. Long distance moves take planning and coordination, but when you allow Atlanta Moving Companies to compete for your business, you SAVE MONEY AND TIME!
To help you anticipate the cost of your move, movers will give you quotes according to a list of items that you'll provide. Help the movers calculate the cost of your move by listing every single item to be moved. Don't forget to go into the attic, basement, garage, closets and under beds. Reach a clear understanding about the amount of packing and other services needed. Anything omitted from the estimate, but later included in the shipment, will add to the cost of your move. Remember, when you are looking for moving estimates we can get you few. Once you have received your moving estimates, make sure to check your movers with the BBB.

Moving Companies

Moving Companies:
Let Moving Companies Compete for your businessOne Simple Form =====>>>> Six Moving Quotes.

When Moving Companies Compete You Save!

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Glenscare Africa Movers

Glenscare Africa will provide quality transportation, logistics, and relocation services to, from, and among the African nations in a timely manner at a reasonable cost to customers while assisting in the establishment of transportation infrastructure, wealth, employment opportunities, and stability in the African nations.

Whether moving locally, between African nations, to or from anywhere in the world, the Glenscare Africa agent’s trained and certified moving professionals handle your personal goods with respect and care. Only the most skilled international service providers available touch your shipment, whether in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America or the isles of the world.