Sunday, December 11, 2011

Robyn as a musician

Maybe you are familiar with the Robyn as a musician, but have you ever known about Robyn’s Personal Life? Let’s have a look a little about the life of a girl named Robin Miriam Carlsson. This can add your basic knowledge and maybe inspire you to do the same or even better than what she did.
Robyn’s Origin.

Robyn was born in 12 June 1979 in Stockholm, Sweden. This 32 year old girl’s occupations are singer, songwriter, and record producer. Same with other artist, Robyn’s Personal Life will be interested to be known by her fans. In Robyn’s Personal Life, she has always been rounded by art since her parents are Swedish actor. In this part, Robyn’s Personal Life will be started by the way she started her musical carrier. Robyn started it by recording a song named Du kan alltid bli nummer ett (you can always be number one) for one of Swedish television show. At the age of nineteen she attracted an attention of Meja, a Swedish pop singer that would made her a superstar. Latter then, Robyn is signed with Ricochet Record as her affiliation.
Robyn’s Personal Life after Being a Professional Singer

Robyn’s Personal Life has been change ever seen she released her first album. The success and fame made her more excited in music industry. Her interest is shown by making a second album. After releasing the second album, My Truth, Robyn’s Personal Life changes again. She is offered and agreed to be a UNICEF ambassador and go visiting other countries such as Kenya and Tanzania. In Robyn’s Personal Life, she does not make her chance of being a UNICEF ambassador is useless, she was successfully attract UNICEF and their worldwide work for children in need of aid. In Robyn’s Personal Life, she also had a pride by being awarded the Karamelodiktstipendiet scholarship by Povel Ramel for her musical achievements.

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