Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tips for Furniture Moving

If you are relocating to a new location particularly from one city to another, moving furniture of your home may be a difficult task. You will need to get some dependable movers for furniture moving. It is easier to find many furniture movers online, but it is tough to decide on the right one as it may require a couple of considerations.

Your furniture cannot be transported without proper packing to prevent any damages. Moreover, it must be properly handled, loaded, transported, unloaded and re-installed at the new location. The mover should be a professional service and should be able to provide you the complete service. You can get the details about many such companies on the internet. You can even check with your friends or relatives.

How To Move Your Furniture

First, you need to have a look at all your furniture, which is to be shifted. If there is only regular furniture such as, dining tables, sofa sets, cabinets and beds, a regular furniture mover can do it easily. However, you may also have a few big pieces like pianos or counters. There may be antiques and irreplaceable furniture pieces as well. In that case, you have to look for only a reliable furniture mover who is specialized in all types of furniture moving, including big items and  vintage ones. All these items are to be packed and handled safely. Most furniture movers keep trained manpower and necessary equipment to move all type of furniture. The furniture moving company, which you may be interested in hiring, must have the capabilities to move these items.

The furniture mover should have expertise in proper packing of the different items. They must wrap the pieces with proper material like stretch wraps, furniture blankets, sofa covers, bubble wrap, protection bags, etc. It must also be provided adequate padding. Boxing will be necessary in many cases. They must use corrugated cardboard boxes and filling materials like foam, crumpled paper, torn blankets for cushioning in boxes. Fragile items with glass, mirrors or frames and antique items need secure packing. You must take pictures of the furniture before packing. These may be helpful if anything is damaged and you may have to make an insurance claim.

Compare Multiple Furniture Moving Quotes Online

You must get quotes from different companies for moving your furniture.  You can select the most suitable and economical furniture mover. Before giving a quote, they will ask you the details of major furniture pieces to be shifted and may send their surveyor to look at the furniture. It is better to get a brief idea about how they are packing the different pieces of furniture. Before you finally decide, check that they have a proper license and certification. You should also confirm what insurance coverage they provide, to be sure that your furniture would be covered in the any unfortunate event of an accident or other mishap.

Once you have received the quotes from different movers, you need to compare them and consider them in view of the information available with you about their quality of service, dependability and repute. You must only hire an experienced furniture mover. They should ship your valuable items safely, even if you have to pay a slightly higher price.

Fix the date and time with the mover for packing and moving your furniture, and get the confirmation of your order. When you have selected the right mover, you furniture will reach safe at the new destination and it will be installed in same condition as it was in the previous location.

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