Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Is Moving Painful?

PAIN! It can be everywhere in our lives and sometimes the very things that are supposed to bring us joy, instead bring us pain. For instance, computers…for the most part, they are designed to make our lives more efficient and perhaps even more fun. They certainly can be a great tool…..that is until they mess up, or WE mess up using them. It’s the same way with moving to a new home, or relocating to your new job. It’s supposed to be an “adventure” - perhaps bring a pay raise, or a bigger and nicer home. But what about the process of getting there? Ohhhhh, now some of that can be painful.
Coming back to the computer for a moment. The mere fact that you are reading this very post or any other post on this site is a testament to the grace of God. Why? Because, not more than an hour ago, while doing some routine file cleanup, I deleted every single article on this site. THAT hurt!! Frankly, it’s amazing that I have not done that before now (being the relative technical klutz that I am at times). But what I was able to do was find the backup files on the server and reload all of them…WHEW, they were just backed up yesterday, so nothing was really lost.
So, now what about moving? What if you lost all of your belongings due to faulty or under strength boxes? Or your packing tape failed and the boxes burst open? Or worst yet, the rental truck or the professional mover company you chose was in an accident with a big-rig and caught on fire. Ohh, the PAIN that would cause. It’s not as though you lost your life, but you did just lose your tangible memories and you’ll have to replace everything.
So what is the moral to this story - WELL, keep fresh backups available for your computer and as it pertains to either moving across the country or across your hometown, be sure to first orga ize your move well. Take the time to think through what you need, and choose your packing and shipping products carefully. While there are few if any guarantees in life or in moving your belongings, good preparation will go a long way toward giving you peace of mind.

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