Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Planning On Relocationg Your Office

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASECONTACT: Steven V. Dubin, PR Works, (781) 878-9533, sdubin@prworkzone.comPLANNING ON RELOCATING YOUR OFFICE? HUMBOLDT STORAGE AND MOVING PROVIDES THE BLUEPRINT TO AN EASIER MOVEDATELINE: SEPTEMBER 22, 2003...A smooth transition from one office to another is essential for profitability, continuity and sanity. Whether you're moving a few blocks, across town, or across the country, you need things to go smooth and efficiently. While moving an entire office can be difficult, Massachusetts based Humboldt Storage and Moving advises on several aspects that can make the move much easier on you, your staff and the movers.1. Keeping Costs Down. Summertime and weekends are the busiest times of year to move. If you try and schedule a mid-week move during the fall, winter or spring, you'll get a better rate.2. Extra Costs. Don't forget that the labor is not the only thing you will pay for. There will be a travel-time charge, which is drive time from the moving company's home office to your original home to your destination and back again to the moving company's home base. You should also budget for packing supplies such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap, pads, etc. Generally, moving supplies can run approximately 10-15% of your labor costs.3. Be Honest. Did the conference room table not come into the office in one piece? Have you remodeled an entrance way and access is smaller? Can you not get access to the elevators? Any details that would impede the emptying of your office need to be told to the movers before they show up so they can make special arrangements if need be. 4. Price overruns. Most moving estimates are non-binding. And the best way to ensure that your moving costs doesn't escalate is to give the movers an honest list of what to expect and how easy or difficult access is.5. Moving Insurance. Your belongings should be insured during the move against any unforeseen circumstances. Check with your insurance policy. If your insurance provider does not cover items while in transit or in someone else's vehicle, or if they only cover against major disasters versus minor damage to individual items, you should definitely purchase moving insurance from your moving company. Without insurance, per Massachusetts State law, moving companies are only liable to cover your goods for 60 cents per pound. As for the amount of coverage you should purchase, most moving companies insure the goods as a whole, and don't insure individual items. Therefore, you should consider the total value of your goods and purchase enough insurance to cover all of the contents of your home.6. Labels. To help organize your move, be sure to label all boxes and equipment as to what room or area they will be going to in the new location. This will speed up the unloading of the truck and save you money in the long run.7. Get a Recommendation and References. Don't be afraid to ask the moving company for a list of references, types of moves they had, and dates of the move. Be sure to speak with previous clients to make sure you're getting what you think you are in a mover.8. Check With Your Local BBB for Complaints Against the Company. Almost every mover will have a few complaints lodged against them. Just be sure that the mover you use has a record with the Better Business Bureau of responding to and resolving those complaints quickly and fairly.9. Verify their license. Call your local state's Department of Transportation or other regulatory body as required by law and make sure that the mover's certificate number is legitimate. Make sure the mover you are considering is duly licensed by your state as well.10. Should You Tip the Movers? Moving is a service industry. While there is not a set amount of gratuity expected by movers as there is by servers in restaurants, for example, if you feel that the job was done efficiently and effectively, you should feel free to tip your movers accordingly.Humboldt Storage and Moving, Greater Boston's largest United Van Lines agent, is a leader in assisting seniors with sensitive down-sizing relocations; coordinating highly technical lab and hospital moves; time-sensitive office relocations; and household relocations that are around the block or around the world. With the company's new 90,000 square foot headquarters and warehouse in Canton, Mass., Humboldt Storage and Moving continues its tradition as one of New England's largest and most dependable storage and moving companies.

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